Thursday, 8 September 2011

Action Comics #1 Review.

Yesterday, I picked up Action Comics #1, one of the new 52 published by DC Comics. Isolating it from the rest of the new 52, we see the emergence of Superman. In the modern world of Action Comics,  Superheroes are nonexistent, nobody knows what a 'Superhero' is. Superman makes an appearance on the very first page and brings an element of arrogance to the situation. Straight away I can sense a different kind of superman emerging after only 3 or 4 pages. However, Superman as always, establishes his morals of what is right and what is wrong within minutes of reading, establishing a sense of justice but despite this he brings an almost over confident and arrogant approach to the page with his blue jeans and cowboy type boots!

Superman has entered a universe which has been consumed with a global recession. This is a grim new world in which Superman has to help the poor and needy public, a sense of the late 1930's Superman appears almost instantly in Action Comics #1 as he helps the less fortunate, however, Superman is furious and aggressive! He holds a wealthy law-breaker over the city and implies that he will drop him which will result in the law-breakers death unless the law-breaker confesses everything! Superman lets go of him and instantly flies down to save the law-breaker who is falling to his death. Superman catches him and the man confesses all. Superman says casually 'Treat people right or expect a visit from me', and then he flees. Superman almost taunts the police and wants them to chase him, perhaps to show his powers and authority he has over the city that he cares for. 

As the story progresses, we see elements of his past which are too, situated in this new modern world of superman: The friendship between Clark, Jimmy and Lois and Superman's dual life.

Grant Morrison suggests that Superman can get hurt, perhaps a suggestion of his human life as Clark Kent as well as his almost invincible super powers when he becomes Superman. Rag Morales, penciller, portrays Superman as what we all imagine him to look like: power, muscle and confidence are all evident through his work. However, little aspects of unsuccessful continuity are evident to me. Superman's transformation from Superman to Clark Kent to me show a new character entirely. Superman's squared angular jaw is suddenly a lot more rounded and smooth as he becomes Kent, his eyes appear droopy like and his overall face appears saddened and full of guilt. However his fitness and strength is still evident through his baggy clothing as Kent as we can still make out the man of muscle. 
I enjoyed the new aspects of confidence that I think i've found in Superman. This new universe which Superman has been forced upon will just have to get used to the fact that Superheroes do exist! Grant Morrison has brought a new light to Superman and made his edgy and cool rather than the sweet and kind-hearted superman which we all remember. I can't wait to keep reading! 

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