Monday, 3 January 2011

Lovely Moleskine.

Here is a selection of some of my drawings from my 
moleskine sketchbooks. I have been working on 4 
moleskines since 2009 and hope to complete these
 this year. I am planning on starting a new 
moleskine this year, however, hope to complete these 
ones first. With only around 20 or so pages left in 2 of 
these book, I think i'll manage to complete them.

My work centers around illustration. I'm very interested 
in comic art and particularly the artists; Tim Sale, Brian 
Bolland, Cameron Stewart, Andy Clarke and Frazer Irving.
I focus on line, using line as a tool for every aspect of my 
drawing, building up tone, depth and balance.

I seem to stick to using pencil and graphite. However, 
lately i've been working on some drawings using pen and 
ink. Using pen to work over layers of paint and ink is 
something that i've been concerned with lately, creating 
a background and a foreground to portray a narrative 
in my work and telling the story within a single image.      

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