Monday, 3 January 2011

Finally getting there ...

 This is my first semester project so far. 
I began focusing on the word image and began 
drawing characters from my imagination. I moved 
on to the idea of memory an drawing from memory, 
this interlinked with the idea of dreams and what 
you think you remember from a memory, but can't 
distinguish whether it is in fact a dream or a memory. 

I began to focus on this idea of dream. Recording my dreams 
every night for a period of time, and then recreating 
some of them through the process of book making 
and using story telling. I focused on a certain dream 
which I called beautiful blue eyes; which involved 
two twin zombies. I made a short story from my dream 
and then began expanding this idea which my dream 
had given me. I focused around making a longer version 
of the story and recreating the characters in the dream 
through the use of lots of different media such as 
photography, drawing, painting and moulding.  

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