Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Batman and Robin Reborn... Frazer Irving.

One of my favorite comic artists who recently had 
the fantastic opportunity to compose 4 issues of panel 
drawings for Batman and Robin. The issues 13 - 16 
featuring Irving's work combines some very powerful 
iconic images of the Batman and Robin along side some 
menacing beautiful drawings of the psychotic joker.  

This Image was one of Irving's initial ideas for the 
brief from Batman and Robin.. the title was simply 
'an iconic image of Batman and Robin'. Irving's use 
of strong rich colours such as the oranges and turquoise 
blues which appear in the foreground and background 
contrast with the blackness of Batman's cape and with the 
soft yellow pastel colour of Robin's cape. This 
symmetrical image not only screams 'iconic' but also Irving 
is able to use his unique visual art style to capture the 
elements of the twisted story.

The Jokers menacing character is brought to life 
by Irving's sickeningly beautiful drawings. The Joker appears 
most in issues 13 and 15. His dark threatening style allows 
the Joker to take charge, especially in issue 15. Irving's use 
of strong rich color portrays Jokers psychotic personality in 
a way that amazes me. Irving been possibly one of my 
favorite Batman and Robin artists in a long time.

Frazer Irving... You are my Idol.             

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