Thursday, 28 October 2010

Luke Chueh.

Pumpkin Face. 2007.

I absolutely adore Luke Chueh's paintings. He 
has an ability to capture cute and combine 
it with brute. His character designs are 
very sweet, he portrays animals such as 
bears and rabbits, using an often subtle colour
 for the body of the character, then he combines 
it with bold vivid background colour. He 
continues to work with a solid black ink
 outline which reinforce the 'character' quality
 of his subject and perhaps suggesting that no 
matter how 'bad' the character is acting, its only 
make believe. Managing to combine this cute attire 
of the character with a sometimes disturbing act. 
The action of the character is often always bad. 
For example, he uses blood, knives and nooses in 
many of his works; juxtaposing the aesthetics of the 
character with the bad action which that 
character undertakes.

Just one touch. 2008.
I remember when I first discovered Luke Chueh. 
I was reading Juxtapoz in august 2008 in the 
studio at college. I remember been instantly amazed 
and excited by Chueh's work. The quality of line 
was a big advantage for me as I love to 
use ink to outline and to sketch with. The harshness 
of the situation in the paintings combined with the 
cute smooth character was a quality 
that appealed to me. Like a fantasy land, 
Chueh introduces us to his make believe 
characters which act in this inappropriate way. 
Something that would never
 happen, however, they come alive in 
my imagination.    
Deathwish. 2005.

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